This spring has been a strange one indeed

Today we have a beautiful Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ghazal. I had posted this a long time back in MHFL.
It has been sung beautifully by many singers. Here are my recommended renditions:

Noor Jahan:

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Poems are just an excuse to remember someone

Today we have a beautiful Ahmed Faraz Ghazal. It has been sung by Ghulam Ali:

karoon na yaad magar kis tarah bhulaon use?
ghazal bahana karoon aaur gungunaon use.

( I agree, that I should not think about her. But how can I forget?
Using the medium of ghazal( poetry), it is her name that I constantly recite)

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Unintentionally she fulfilled many promises

Today we have a beautiful Ghalib ghazal. It has been sung my many singers:

Talat Mehmood:

Mehdi Hassan:

Barkat Ali Khan:

us bazm mein mujhe nahin banti haya kiye,
baitha raha, agarche ishaare hua kiye.

( I kept on sitting in my beloved’s mehfil unabashed
Even though several times I was signalled to leave)

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From every location, the same name

Today we have a Shamim Jaipuri ghazal. It has been sung by Begum Akhtar:

And Talat Mehmood:

Kaabe se, butkade se, kabhi bazm-e-jaam se,
Awaaz de raha hoon tujhe har maquaam se.

(from the Kaaba, sometimes from the place of idols and sometimes from a gathering devoted to wine,
I am calling out your name from every possible place)

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Pen, paper and the domain of poetry

Today we have a beautiful Faiz Ahmed Faiz nazm. It has been posted earlier in MHFL.
I recently found a video in youtube in which we hear Faiz reciting this nazm himself:

( Pen and Paper)

Hum parvarish-e-lauh-o-qalam karte rahenge
jo dil pe guzarti hai raqam karte rahenge!
( I will nurture the pen and paper forever
whatever my heart feels, it will be expressed!)

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