Leaving on a jet plane

A Faiz Quatrain

na aaj lutf kar itna ke kal guzar na sake
woh raat jo tere gaisuoon ki raat nahin
yeh arzoo bhi bari cheez hai, magar humdum
wisal-e-yaar faqt arzoo ki baat nahin

( Don’t give me so much joy today, that I may
find it difficult to spend the night tomorrow
– tomorrow’s night may not be sheltered by your
long hair.
I know that desire is a great thing, my friend
But I also know that meeting one’s beloved
is not just a matter of desire)

tanhai mein kya kya na tujhe yaad kiya
kya kya na dil-e-zaar nein dhoondi hain panahein
aankhon se lagaya hai kabhi dast-e-saba ko
dali hain kabhi gardan-e-mahtaab mein baahein

( In solitude what memories of you did I not have
And I have tried to find different ways to
experience what I had felt with you:
sometimes I have had to place the hand of the morning breeze on my eyes
sometimes I have had to spread my arms around the moon)