Shoot through the starry skies

This is one of my all time favourite ghazals. The poet is Jigar Moradabadi.

Some pretty solid poetry in this ghazal.

agar na zohrajabeenon ke darmayan guzre,
to phir yeh kaise kate zindagi kahan guzre?

[ If I do not spend my life surrounded by beauties
then how should I spend my life? And where should
I spend it?]

mujhe tha sikhwa-e-hijraan ke yeh hua mehsoos,
ke mere kareeb se hoke woh nadahaan guzre

[ I was angry about our separation when one day I felt
that she passed by my side ignoring me completely]

khata muaaf zamaanay se badguman hokar,
teri wafaa pe bhi kya kya hamein gumaan guzre

[ I am sorry! Disturbed by the ways of this world
sometimes I doubted your sincerity too ]

mujhe yeh waham raha mudooton ke juraat-e-shauk,
kahin na khatir-e-masoom par garaan guzre

[ I have been worried for a long time that the intense expression
of my desires may overwhelm her innocent heart]

bahut haseen hai saubhat gulon ki lekin,
wohi zindagi hai jo kaanton ke darmayan guzre

[ It is nice to live amongst flowers but
the real life is one which is spent surrounded by thorns]

jo tere ariz-o-gesu ke daramayan guzre,
kabhi kabhi to woh lamhein bala-e-jaan guzre

[ The moments that I spent in your hair and cheeks
sometimes those moments were cruel for my heart]

junoon ke sakht maraahil bhi teri yaad ke saath,
haseen haseen nazar aaye jawaan jawaan guzre

[ In the tough times of my madness, I was surrounded by your
memories. These times thus appeared so beautiful and so

hajoom-e-jalwa mein paravaaz-e-shauq kya kehna,
ke jaise rooh sitaroon ke darmayan guzre 🙂

[ I cannot describe the flight of my love through
the heights of desires: My soul rose upwards shooting
through the starry skies]

khaloos jis mein ho shaamil vo daur-e-ishq-o-hawas,
naaraigaan kabhi guzra na raigaan guzre

[ When there is sincerity in love or lust
such feelings dont go wasted or lie in waste]

isi ko kahte hain jannat, isi ko dozakh bhi,
vo zindagi jo haseenoon ke darmayan guzre

[ This is heaven! And this is hell!! The life
that is surrounded by beauties shows you both
these worlds]

mera to farz chaman-bandi-e-jahaan hai faqat,
meri balaa se bahaar aaye yaa khizaan guzre

[ My duty is to remain attached to the garden
I dont care whether it blossoms or goes to waste]

bahut azeez hai mujh ko unheen ki yaad “Jigar”,
vo hadasaat-e-mohabbat jo nagahaan guzre

[ Her memories are very precious to me “Jigar”.
she is responsible for those accidents in love
that I experienced for such a short time]


hua hai jab se dil-e-nasaboor bekaboo
kalaam tujh se nazar ko bade adab se hai

( since the time my restless heart has gone out of control…
my eyes have been having conversation with your sight with a lot of dignity)

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