Anger and beauty management tips

sher arz hai:

bhool ho jaati hai, yuun taish mein aaya na karo
faasile kam karo, baat barhaya na karo

( people make mistakes, don’t get so angry at them
you should reduce the distance between people and
not increase it)

shyaam gehri ho to aaur rangeen ho jati hai,
apni zulfein apne chehre se hataaya na karo

( When the evening is dark it becomes even more beautiful,
so you should let the locks of your hair to spread across your face)


phir kisi ko mukabil mein chaahe hai aarzoo
surme se tez dashna-e-mishigaan kiye hue

( again I want to face her intense beauty,
and the daggers of her eyes made sharp by her eye-liner )

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