The poet’s best wishes

            I got several requests to post the entire Majaz poem “unka jashan-e-salgirah”. So here it is:

           unka jashan-e-salgirah
            ( Her birthday party)

ik majma-e-rang mein woh ghabrai hui si
baithi hai ajab naz se sharmai hui si
aankhon mein haya, lab pe hansi aayi hui si

(she is so conscious in this colourful party  she is sitting there, shy…
looking so different from  her usual self.
In her eyes there is a shyness, but on her lips there is

honton pe fida rooh-e-bahaar-e-gul-o-nasreen
aankhon ki chamak rukhsh-e-bazm-e-maah-o-parveen
pairahan-e-zartaar mein ek paikar-e-semeen

( even flowers and wild roses are in love with her lips
  the brilliance of her eyes can defeat an assembly of the stars and the moon
  through her gold laced clothes her silver like face shines)

lehrein woh leta hua ik phool ka sehra
sehre mein dhamakta hua ik chand sa cehra
ik rang sa rukh par, kabhi halka kabhi gehra

( her garland of flowers floats around her neck
  and in that garden of flowers I see her moonlike face
  her face seems so colourful today… and the colour
  deepens as she blushes)

har saans mein ehsaas-e-furwaan ki kahaani
khamoshi-e-mehzoob mein ik sail-e-mohani
jazbaat ke toofan mein hai doshiza jawaani

( her every breath is full of her emotions
  in the silence there is a flood of her feelings
  the innocence of her youth surrounded by a storm of emotions)

fitrat naye jazbaat ke dar khol rahi hai,
mizaan-e-jawaani mein ise tol rahi hai,
lab shakit-o-samt hain, nazar bol rahi hai

( nature is introducing her to new unexplored emotions
  she is being weighed on the scales of youth
  her lips are quiet but her eyes are telling her story)

sarshar nighaoon mein haya jhoom rahi hai
hain raks mein aflak, zameen ghoom rahi hai
shayar ki wafaa badh ke kadam choom rahi hai

( In her wine filled eyes her shyness dances
  It seems to me that the heavens and earth are all in motion
  And the love of this poet bows before her beauty)

ai tu ke tere dam se meri zamzama-kwani
ho tujhko mubarak yeh teri noor-e-jahani
ufkar se mehfooz rahe teri jawani

( You are the life of my voice and song
  You are the one who lights up this world
  I wish your youth is never troubled by any worries)

chalke teri aankhoon se sharaab aaur zyaada
mehke teri aariz ke gulaab aaur zyaada
Allah kare! zor-e-shabaab aaur zyaada!

( I wish your eyes pour even more wine
  I wish the roses of your cheeks spread their fragnance even more
  God! I pray to you to give even more power to her beauty)


WINE comes in at the mouth
And love comes in at the eye;
That’s all we shall know for truth
Before we grow old and die.
I lift the glass to my mouth,
I look at you, and I sigh.



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