A prisoner of your eyes

This MHFL post was sent in the 10th year of MHFL ( Nov 2006 to Oct 2006)

    This is a beautiful Thomas Moore poem.

    In this poem the poet describes the power of a woman’s eyes.
His wisdom is matchless before those eyes. He becomes powerless
when she looks at him.  

    In the second stanza he compares himself with an Irish ghost
called Sprite. The ghost becomes a captive when a beautiful woman looks
at him. But as soon as the eyes are turned away he escapes, running as fast as possible.

    The poet wants to escape from her eyes but he becomes weak when
he is caught in the glance…. But then with passing time he becomes
older, wiser and colder. Things affect him less. Do those eyes still
make him powerless…. read to find out.

    THE time I’ve lost in wooing,
    In watching and pursuing
    The light that lies
    In woman’s eyes,
    Has been my heart’s undoing.
    Though Wisdom oft has sought me,
    I scorn’d the lore she brought me,
    My only books
    Were woman’s looks,
    And folly’s all they’ve taught me.
    Her smile when Beauty granted,
    I hung with gaze enchanted,
    Like him the Sprite,
    Whom maids by night
    Oft meet in glen that’s haunted.
    Like him, too, Beauty won me,
    But while her eyes were on me,
    If once their ray
    Was turn’d away,
    O! winds could not outrun me.

    And are those follies going?
    And is my proud heart growing
    Too cold or wise
    For brilliant eyes
    Again to set it glowing?
    No, vain, alas! the endeavour
    From bonds so sweet to sever;
    Poor Wisdom’s chance
    Against a glance
    Is now as weak as ever.


maine masoom bahaaron mein tumhein dekha hai
maine purnoor sitaroon mein tumhein dekha hai
mere mehboob tujhe teri pardah-nasheeni ki kasam
maine ashkoon ki kataaron mein tumhein dekha hai

( I have seen you in the innocent seasons of spring.
  I have seen you in the stars filled with light.
  My beloved, I promise by your desire to remain hidden from me,
  I have even seen you in the rows of tears from my eyes.)


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