Thoughts on my latest root canal treatments

I am getting a RCT done. And the whole process is very painful:

mat pooch mujhse ke dard kahaan hota hai,
ab aik jagah ho to bataayen ke yahaan hota hai!

( Do not ask me where my pain  comes from,
  If it were one isolated place, I would have said:  here!)

But then all great ventures in life are accompanied with pain:

ishq ki choot ka kuch dil pe asar ho to sahi,
dard kam ho ya zyaada ho magar ho to sahi!

( The wounds of love should create some effect on the heart
   it may cause less pain or more pain but it must cause some pain!)

This is my 4th RCT. And there are some people who have never had any.
How can they feel my pain:

Doston ko bhi mile dard ki daulat ya rab!
Mera apna hi bhala ho, mujhe manzoor nahin!

( I pray to God to give this wealth of pain to my friends also,
  I cannot accept that only I get this great wealth. I am not a selfish person, you know)

But why do people with sensitive hearts have sensitive teeth also. Unfair!

aaj yuun mauj dar mauj gham tham gaya,
Istarah gamzadon ko quarar aa gaya,
Jaise khushboo-e-zulf-e-bahaar aa gayi,
Jaise paigaam-e-deedar-e-yaar aa gaya!

( Today the waves of my pain have stopped for sometime,
  The suffering has found some respite,
  As if the scent of the hair of my beloved has come to me
  as if she has sent me a message to see her again)

The only good thing about the RCT is the dentist. Very nice dentist! šŸ™‚ :

bas ik lateef tabassum, bas ik haseen nazar,
mareez-e-gam ki yeh halat sambhal to sakti hai!

( Just one sweet smile, just one winsome gaze….
  And suddenly the patient in the critical condition has some hope of coming back to life)


mujhe choor de mere haal par, tera kya bharosa ai charagar,
yeh teri nawazish-e-muktasar, mera dard aaur barha na de!

( leave me O doctor, do not cure me, I have no trust in you….
  Your temporary kindness may leave me with even more pain than my original condition)




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