The unsaid words

This Faiz nazm was posted in the 10th year of MHFL.

When people meet and talk very little is said in words.
Spoken words are just the “formal” part of the communication.
There is a bigger communication going on without being expressed
in words.

In the following Faiz nazm a possible meeting between two
parted lovers is described. They deliberately avoid taking the
level of this communication to the level at which it was when they
parted. They control saying those words. But how can they control
the words that are not uttered from the lips!!!

Koi Ashiq kisi mehbooba se

Gulshan-e-yad mein agar aaj dam-e-bad-e-saba
phir se chaahe ke gulfashan ho, to ho jane do
umar-e-rafta ke kisi taq pe bisra hua dard
phir se chaahe ke firozan ho, to ho jane do
jaise begane se ab milte ho, waise hi sahi
aao, do char ghari mere mukabil baitho

Garche mil baithenge hum tum to mulakat ke baad
apna ehsas-e-zyan aaur zyaada hoga
humsukhan honge hum dono to har baat ke beech
ankahi baat ka mauhuum sa parda hoga
Koi ikraar na main yaad dilaoonga, no tum
koi mazmoon wafa ka, na jafaa ka hoga

gard-e-ayyam ki tehreer ko dhone ke liye
tum se goya hoon, dam-e-deed, jo meri ankhen
tum jo chaaho suno, aur jo na chaaho, na suno
aur jo harf kahen mujh se gurezaan aakhen
tum jo chaaho to kaho, jo na chaaho, na kaho

A lover to a beloved
(In the garden of our memories if the morning breeze
wishes to scatter flowers once again then let it do so
if on a forgotten shelf of the past some forgotten pain
wishes to flare up again, let it do so
We behave like strangers now….. okay
as a stranger come and lets sit together for some time

But when we meet then then this meeting
might increase the sense of loss that we feel for
each other
We will talk about everyday things….
but hidden in a veil would be words that are not
being said
You and I will not remind each other of our promises
we will not talk about the sincerity or the lack of it
in our past friendship

To wash away the sad tale that my life has become a part of
when my eyes become soaked with words that I will not say from my lips
You may listen to those words… or you may not
And when you lower your eyes, those eyes that otherwise would have said
so much
you may say those words, or you may choose not to)



ab bhi dilkash hai tera husn magar kya keejiye
hain aaur bhi zamaane mein gham mohabbat ke siwa
raahatein aaur bhi hain wasl ki raahat ke siwa

( Your beauty is still very attractive but…
There are other problems in the world bigger than love
ANd there are now things apart from meeting you that also give
this heart joy)

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