Thoughts at the party

arz hai:


aaj milke bhi unse na kuch baat ki,

hai majboorian mere haalat ki!


( I met her today but I could not say anything…

see the constraints imposed by my situation)


arz hai:


hum bare naaz se aaye thay teri mehfil mein

kya khabar thi lab-e-izhaar pe taale honge


( With great pride I came to your party

but little did I know that your expressive lips will be locked)


sher arz hai:

hum bhi gaye thay “jigar” jalwa-gaah-e-jaana mein

woh poochte hi rahe, hum se baat ho na saki


( I also went to see the beauty of my beloved “Jigar”

she kept asking me questions, but I could not reply)


ik last sher arz hai:


hasrat-e-deed thi aaur yeh umeed thi ke armaan dil ka nikal jayega

par khabar hi na thi ki naquaab uthte hi barq gir jayegi toor jal jayega


( I had a great desire to see her and I also thought that my desire will be fulfilled

But little did I know that when she lifts her veil lightening will fall and enything will burn)







kis masarrat se pahunche thay hum bazm mein rooh ki tishnagi ko chupaaye hue

saaqi ka daur aaya chala bhi gaya aaur hum reh gaye jaam uthaaye hue


( with great joy I reached the party hiding my intense thirst

The Saqi poured wine for everyone but I sat there with an empty glass)



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