some things forgotten, some things remembered

This poem was posted in the 10th year of MHFL: Nov 2005 to Oct 2006

A Majaz Lucknawi ghazal:

kuch tujh ko khabar hai, hum kya kya ai shorish-e-dauraan bhool gaye?
woh zulf-e-pareshaan bhool gaye, woh deeda-e-giriyaan bhool gaye

( See the kind of things the confusion of worldly affairs has made
me forget:
I have forgotten her wild hair, I have forgotten those tear filled eyes)

ai shauk-e-nazara kya kahiye nazroon mein koi soorat hi nahin
ai zauk-e-tasavuur kya kahiye, hum soorat-e-jaana bhool gaye

( How can I talk about my desire to see when there is no beauty
before my eyes
How can I loose myself in imagining about her when I have forgotten
the face of my beloved)

ab gul se nazar milti hi nahi, ab dil ki kali khilti hi nahin
ai fasl-e-bahaaran rukhsat ho hum lutf-e-bahaaran bhool gaye

( My eyes dont meet the eyes of any flower, the bud of my heart does
not bloom
Go away “season of flowers”! I have forgotten how to enjoy
spring! )

sab ko to madaava kar daala apna hi madaava kar na sake
sab ke hi garebaan si daale apna hi garebaan bhool gaye!

( I have treated everyone around me, but I forgot to treat myself
I have repaired everyone’s torn clothes, but I sit here in torn rags)

yeh apni wafa ka aalam hai, ab unki jafa ko kya kahiye
ik nashtar-e-zehar-e-agahi rakh kar nazdik-e-rag-e-jaan bhool gaye

( This is the effect of my sincerity, her betrayal has nothing to
do with this:
I have kept a arrow dipped in poison close to my heart and have
forgotten that my life vein passes so close to it)


Heart, we will forget him,
You and I, tonight!
You must forget the warmth he gave,
I will forget the light.

When you have done pray tell me,
Then I, my thoughts, will dim.
Haste! lest while you’re lagging
I may remember him!

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