She even avoids my name

A beautiful ghazal written by Ada Badayuni. It has been sung beautifully by the great
ghazal and classical singer Amanat Ali Khan. You can see a very rare video recording of
Amanat Ali singing this at:

Amanat Ali Khan was a singer in the Patiala gharana and used to sing at the court of
the Patiala King before independence. After 1947 he shifted to Pakistan. He dies in 1974.

honton pe kabhi unke mera naam hi aaye
aaye to sahi bar-sar-e-ilzaam hi aaye

( I wish that my name comes on her lips just once
I would be happy if she speake my name once
even if it is to say something against me)

hairaan hain, lab-basta hain, dilgir hain gunche
khushboo ki zubaani tera paigaam hi aaye

( the buds are unhappy, melancholy and unable to spread colour and scent
But they could all be cured in a second if a message from you comes like
fragnance travels through air)

taron se saja lenge rah-e-sheher-e-tamanna
maqadoor nahin suboh chalo shyaam hi aaye

( I will light up the streets of the city of my desire with stars
I know she will not come in the day time, so I am making preperations
in case she decides to come in the evening)

kya raah badalne ka gila humsafaron se
jis rah se chale tere dar-o-baam hi aaye

( Why are you complaining about me changing my path
Whichever path I take, I am sure to reach your door and your terrace)

thak haar kar baithe hain sar-e-kuu-e-tamanna
kaam aaye to phir jazba-e-nakaam hi aaye

( Tired and sad I sit on the road of my desires…
In the end the emotion that proved most useful to me was the feeling of

baki na rahe saakh “Ada” dasht-e-junoon ki
dil mein agar andesha-e-anjaam hi aaye

( the reputation of desire is destroyed “Ada”,
when your heart worries about the result of the desire!)


yeh anokhi barhami hai ki bhoole se labon par
basabil-e-tazaqira bhi mera naam tak na pahunche

( This is a strange kind of hatred for me that on your lips….
even by mistake during the course of a discussion my name never comes)

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