The memory of those eyes and my poetry

Today we have a Faiz Ahmed Faiz Ghazal. It has been sung beautifully by Farida Khanum

yaad-e-ghazaal chashmaan, zikr-e-sukhan azaraan
jab chaaha kar liya hai khunj-e-qafas baharan

( I can invoke the memory of my doe eyed beloved,
I can recite poetry that speaks of my pain….
In this way I can make this corner of my prison a blossoming garden)

aankhon mein dard-mandi honton pe uzar-khwai
jaana na vaar aayi shyam-e-firaq-e-yaaran

( The eyes are filled with pain, the lips speak only apologies…
My beloved has not come today and doday is another night of separation)

shayad kareeb pahunchi subah-e-visaal-e-humdum
mauj-e-saba liye hai khushboo-e-khush-kinaran

( It seems that the morning of my meeting her has come close…
tody the gust of wind carried the scent of her embrace)

aayegi “Faiz” ik din baad-e-bahaar lekar:
tasneem-e-maifaroshaan, paigaam-e-maigusaaran

( One day “Faiz” the breeze of spring will bring with it
the fountain of the winesellers, the message from the one who will share wine with me)


shayad kabhi afsha ho nigahoon pe tumhari
har saada warq jis sukhan-e-khushta se khoon hai

shayad kabhi is dil ki koi rag tumhein chubh jaaye
jo sang-e-sar-e-raah ki manind nigoon hai

(Maybe someday your eyes will be able to see and understand
these bleeding words that appear on every blank page

someday perhaps my heart and its feelings will be able to move you,
my heart that today just appears like a motionless stone on your path)

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