who will understand?

An Akbar Allahabadi ghazal. It has been sung beautifully by Nayyara Noor:

kahoon kisse qissa-e-dard-o-gham? koi humnasheen hai na yaar hai
jo anees hai teri yaad hai, jo shafiq hai dil-e-zaar hai

( who should I share my story of pain and sadness, I have no friend who
can understand me
The only thing kind to me is your memory, and my bleeding heart
is my only companion)

tu hazaar karta lagawatein main kabhi na aata fareb mein
mujhe pehle iski khabar na thi tera do hi din ka yeh pyaar hai

( I would not have been deceived by your thousand ways of attracting me
if only I had known that your love for me will last only two days)

yeh naveed aauron ko ja suna, hum aseer-e-daam hain, ai saba!
humein kya chaman hai jo rang par?hamein kya jo fasl-e-bahar hai!

( Tell the good news to someone else O Breeze. I am a prisoner of sadness
I do not care if the garden is in blossom or if the spring has come )

mujhe raham aata hai dekhkar tera haal Akbar-e-nauha-gar
tujhe woh bhi chaahe khuda kare ke tu jiska aashiq-e-zaar hai

( I feel sorry when I look at you Akbar, the lamenter
I hope that someday she also loves you, in whose love your heart
has become so broken)



raaste mein ruk ke dam le loon meri aadat nahin
laut kar waapis chala jaoon meri fitrat nahin
aaur koi hum-nawaa mil jaaye yeh qismat nahin!
ai gham-e-dil kya karoon? ai weshat-e-dil kya karoon?

( To pause and take rest, that is not what I can do
To go back and take a different route, that is not my nature
And to find a friend, that is not my fate!
what should I do O aching heart, what should I do O frenzy of the mind?)

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