can be understood by experience alone

I found a nice Sudarshan Faakir ghazal sung beautifully
by Rafi in a non-film album on youtube:

aik hi baat zamaane ki kitaboon mein nahin
jo gham-e-dost mein nasha hai sharaboon mein nahin

( There is only one fact that does not find mention in the books of the world:
The intoxication that is there is the pain of love is much more than the
intoxication of any wine)

husn ki bheekh na mangege na jalwoon ki kabhi
hum fakiron ko milo khul ke hijaboon mein nahin

( we will not beg for your beauty or a for glimpse of you
so why do you need to meet us “Fakirs” covering your face in a veil?
Meet us with your face uncovered)

har jagah phirte hain awaara khayalon ki tarah
yeh alag baat hai, hum aap ke khwaabon mein nahin

( I wander about everywhere like aimless thoughts. I go everywhere.
But I cannot ever manage to go into your dreams)

na dubo saagar-o-meena mein yeh gham ai “Faakir”
ke maquaam inka dilon mein hai sharaboon mein nahin

( Do not drown this pain of love in wine “Faakir”
This pain’s rightful place is the heart. Keep it there)


tasavvur mein chale aate, tumhaara kya bigar jaata?
tera pardah bana rehta, mujhe deedar ho jaata

( You could have come in my thoughts, what would you have lost?
In this way you could have fulfilled your determination to never show
your face to me. And I could have fulfilled my desire to see you)



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