No fundamental rights

sher arz hai:

na sawal-e-wasl, na arz-e-gham, na hikayatein, na shikayatein
tere ahad mein dil-e-zaar ke sabhi ikhteyaar chale gaye

( I cannot request a meeting, cannot state my grief,
cannot make a complaint, cannot tell my story…..
In your reign the fundamental rights of the “afflicted heart”
have been taken away! UNFAIR!)


udhar ik haraf ke kushtani, yahan laakh uzr tha guftani
jo kaha to sun se ura diya, jo likha to parh ke mita diya

( from her there was only one word: destroy/finish
And from my side there were the desire to say a thousand
words to her.
What I said was heard and instantly forgotten. And what
I wrote was read and instantly erased)


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