Two stanzas from Sahir Ludhianivi’s poem Parchaiyaan. These two stanzas were recited
in the movie Pyaasa. Some people think that the story of Pyaasa was based on Sahir’s life.

main phool tank raha hoon tumhaare joore mein
tumhaari aankh masarrat se jhukti jaati hai
na jaane aaj main kya baat kehne waala hoon
zubaan khushk hai, awaaz rukti jaati hai

tasavuraat ki parchaiyaan ubharti hain

( I am putting this flower in the knot of your hair
your eyes close full of desire
There is something that I want to say to you today
But my lips are dry and I find it difficult to speak

These images of my imagination rise before me)

mere gale mein tumhaari gudaaz bahein hain
tumhaare honton pe mere labon ke saaye hain
mujhe yakeen hai ke ab hum kabhi na bicherenge
tumhein gumaan ke hum ab tak paraaye hain

tasavuraat ki parchaiyaan ubharti hain

( Your beautiful arms are wrapped around me
The shadows of my lips fall on yours
I think that we will never seperate in our life
But you think that we do not even know each other properly

These images of imagination rise before me)


jab hum chalein to saaya bhi apna na saath de….
jab tum chalo to zameen chale aasmaan chale!
jab hum rukein to saath ruke shyaam-e-bekasi
jab tum ruko to bahaar ruke, chandni ruke

( when I walk even my shadow fails to follow me
when you walk the earth and the skies walk with you
when I stop, with me stops the evening of loneliness
when you stop, with you stops the season of flowers and moonlight)


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