The characters of romantic urdu poetry part 2


        On wednesday we discussed different attributes of the poet in romantic urdu poetry. Some of the
people in the MHFL list sent me some shers regarding more aspects of the poet. And I also
thought of adding a few more shers that I thought of yesterday.

Anil Bhatnagar tells us that sometimes the poet faces a dilemma: is the pain of love more difficult
or is the pain of the worldy profession more complicated. See this Ghalib sher:

GHam agarche jaaN_gulis hai, pe kahaaN bachaiN ke dil hai
GHam-e-ishq    gar   na   hota,    GHam-e-rozgaar    hota

( Pain is indeed sometimes life threatening but how can the heart be saved
  from pain? If you do not experience the pain of love then you will face
  the pain of profession. The heart has to experience one pain or the other)

Anil Bhatnagar also tells us that if poet is defeated in all
respects (can’t raise his head) and despite taunts by others, will
still raise issue(s)!!

   zauf  meiN  taana-e-aGHayaar  ka   shikawa  kya  hai ?
   baat kuchch sar to naheeN hai ke uTha bhee na sakooN

   ( why should i complain about the taunts of enemies in my time of defeat
     my complaints are not like my head that cannot be raised. I will still
     raise issues even if I cannot raise my head)

Siddharth Bhatia adds some Ghalib shers. I will not translate these. In the first
one the poet tells us that most of his life has been spent in seperation from the
beloved. In the second one we see that the poet wonders why the “saki” serves
other people the wine but he always gets left out.

Kab se hun kya batauun jahan-e-kharab mein
shab aaye hizr ko bhi rakhun gar hisab mein

mujh tak kab unki bazm mein aata tha daur-e-jaam
saki ne kuch mila na diya ho sharab mein…

Okay. so we have had enough shers about the poet himself. On monday we will talk about the “beautiful but insincere
and cruel beloved”. Of course, sometimes the poet realizes that it is he who has made the beloved a beautiful object
and it is he who has given her the status of the cold beautiful godess. Without the poet the beloved has no real
status in urdu poetry. The beauty can not exist if the admirer ceases to admire her:

bazm-e-hasti apni aariash par itni naazan na ho.
tu to ik tasveer hai mehfil ki aaur mehfil hoon main!!


khizaan ke daur mein ahad-e-bahaar leta hoon
koi bhi waqt ho hans kar guzaar leta hoon
gulon se rang, sitaaron se roshni lekar
jamaal-e-yaar ka naksha utaar leta hoon

( In times of autumn darkness I can call the brightness of spring
  Whatever the condition  I can smile in it
  I take colours from flowers and I take light from stars
  and from these things I can create a picture of my beloved)



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