The characters of romantic urdu poetry part 3


Today we will continue our discussion about the characters of romantic urdu poetry.
In today’s MHFL we will talk about the various aspects of the beloved. But remember: we are looking
at the beloved from the perspective of the poet- the poet’s own feelings sometimes get mixed into
the actual personality of the beloved.

The beloved is always extremely beautiful. See this Ghalib sher:

jab woh jamaal-e-dilfaroz, soorat-e-mehr-e-neem-roz
khud hi ho nazaara soz, parde mein moonh chupaaye kyon?

( Why should that enchanting beauty, like the midday sun ablaze
  hide herself behind a veil, when noone can see her dazzling beauty directly?)

The beloved’s beauty is captivating. The poet thinks that it has the power to make
people slaves:

usay haal-o-kaal se waasta, na garaz maqam-o-kayam se
jise koi nisbat-e-khas ho tere husn-e-barq-e-khiraam se

( He has no concern with his situation or well being, he does not care about success or position
  This happens to a person who becomes associated with your lightening bolt like beauty)

So it is a given that the beloved is beautiful. The beloved is aware of the poet’s interest
in her and quite enjoys the attention without revealing any love interest on her side:

udhar ik haraf ke kushtani, yahan laakh uzr tha guftani
jo kaha to sun se ura diya, jo likha to parh ke mita diya

( from her there was only one word: destroy/finish
  And from my side there were the desire to say a thousand
  words to her.
  What I said was heard and instantly forgotten. And what
  I wrote was read and instantly erased)

The beloved is not a kind hearted one. She knows that the poet is hurt but she cannot and
does not want to cure him:

chara gari beemar-e-dil ki rasm-e-shahar-e-husn nahin
warna dilbar-e-nadaan bhi is dard ka chaara jaane hai

( Beautiful faces do not bother themselves with curing the pains of
  the suffering hearts. Otherwise my beloved would also have tried to
  bring some relief to my heart ache)

The poet feels that he is being unfairly treated by the object of his affection.

na sawal-e-wasl, na arz-e-gham, na hikayatein, na shikayatein
tere ahad mein dil-e-zaar ke sabhi ikhteyaar chale gaye

( I cannot request a meeting, cannot state my grief,
  cannot make a complaint, cannot tell my story…..
  In your reign the fundamental rights of the “afflicted heart”
  have been taken away! UNFAIR!)


aitbaar badhta hai aaur bhi mohabbat ka
jab woh ajnabi bankar paas se guzarte hain



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