The characters of romantic urdu poetry part 7

Since the saqi is such an important part of urdu poetry so we have decided to add
a few more shers in her honour.

abhi raat kuch hai baqi, na utha naqab saqi
tera rind girte-girte kahin phir sambhal na jaaye

( The morning is still a few hours away, do not lift your veil O Saqi
  Because if you do the drunk poet may not fall down and may ask for more wine)

Our poet is always suspicious. When he does not get wine from the saqi he suspects something:

mujh tak kab unki bazm mein aata tha daur-e-jaam
saqi nein kuch mila na diya ho sharab mein

( The wine glasses never reached me in her party
  I am sure the saqi has mixed something in the wine- something that she did not want me to taste)

Okay. What happens if the wine is there but the saqi is not? The poet protests!

main bhi hai, meena bhi hai, sagar bhi hai, par saqi nahin
ji mein aata hai ke aag laga dein mainkhaane ko hum

( The wine is there, the cup is there, the wine is there but the saqi is nowhere to be seen
  This is unfair. The tavern deserves to be burnt)

Some poets expect a little bit too much from the saqi 🙂 :

nasha pila kar girana to sab ko aata hai
maza to tab hai jab girton ko thaam le saqi

( anyone can give some drinks and make people fall
  but the real test of a saqi is if she can hold the drinkers and prevent them from  falling)

Siddarth Bhatia has contributed a sher. This is about the poet breaking his promise of not drinking

baat saqi ki na taali jayegi
kar ke tauba tod daali jayegi

( I cannot go against my saqi’s word
  I will promise not to drink but if my saqi offers wine I will break my promise)


mujhe sharab ki tauhmat nahin manzoor
mujhe teri nigah ka ilzaam chaahiye

( I do not want to be blamed for drinking wine
  I want to be accused for being a target of your glance.)



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