The characters of romantic urdu poetry part 9

This is the 9th part of our series on the the major characters of romantic
urdu poetry. In this part we will cover naseh. Naseh is the advisor.
So the naseh is the person who gives advise to the poet regarding
various things. The word naseh is derived from nasihat( advice).

But the naseh mostly gives advice against love. He would typically
advise the poet against meeting his beloved. Of course, the poet
does not like such advice:

poocho to koi hazrat-e-naseh se itni baat
aise hi thay janab bhi ahad-e-shabab mein?

( Someone ask the advisor this one question:
  was he like this in his days oy youth also?)

The poet is determined to go against the word of the naseh:

hui hai hazrat-e-naseh se guftagoo jis shab
woh shab zaroor sar-e-koo-e-yaar guzri hai

( those days when I have had a discussion with my advisor
  I have definitely spent those days in the lane of my beloved)

The poet does not consider the advisor his friend. But sometimes
his friends also act like advisors:

yeh kaisi dosti hai ke bane hain dost naseh?
hoi gham-gusar hota, koi chaara-saaz hota!

( What kind of friends are these? They have all become advisors…
  if only there were someone to share my sorrows, someone to
  cure me of my pain)

The poet complains that the advisor does not understand the
poet and does not listen to him properly:

naseh yeh gila hai ke main kuch nahin kehta
tu kab meri suntaa hai ke main kuch nahin kehta

( You complain, O advisor that I do not say much
  But when have you heard me and tried to understand me…
  that is why I do not tell you anything)

The poet rejects the Naseh’s advise and does what he wants to:

ab to har shyaam guzarti hai usi kooche mein
yeh nateeja hua naseh tere samjhaane ka

( Now, I spend every eveneing in he house of my beloved
  this is the result of your advice, my wise advisor)


zubaan pe labaik har nafaz mein, zameen pe sajde hain har kadam par
chala hoon yuun butkhaane ko naseh, ke jaise kaabe ko ja raha hoon

( On my lips are words of respect, and in my every step I bow to the ground
  O Advisor, I go to the house of my beloved as if I am going to a shrine!)


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