some solace and some poetry

aaj yuun mauj dar mauj dard tham gaya
is tarah gam-zadon ko qarar aa gaya
jaise khushboo-e-zulf-e-bahar aa gayi
jaise paigaam-e-deedar-e-yaar aa gaya

( Today the waves of my pain have stopped for sometime,
The suffering has found some respite,
As if the scent of the hair of my beloved has come to me
as if she has sent me a message to see her again)


lekin us shokh ke aahista se khulte hue hoonth
hay! us jism ke kambakht dilawez khutoot
aap hi kahiye kahin aise bhi afsoo honge?
apna mauzoo-e-sukhan inke siwa aur nahin!
taab-e-shayar ka watan inke siwa aur nahin!

( And see the lips of my beautiful beloved opening so slowly!
  and Ah! look how attractive are the lines of her beautiful body!
  You tell me: is there any other thing in this world with so much magic?
  So the theme of my poetry will only be based on these sights of her!
  The domain of this poet’s expression cannot be anything else)



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