Is it you?

When I list the treasures that I have acquired in my life, urdu poetry is placed at a very high rank. It is a huge source of pleasure and happiness.

And sharing this treasure with you doubles the pleasure.

Today we have a beautiful Ahmed Faraz ghazal. It has been sung by Farida Khanum and Nusrat fateh ali khan.


I personally like the Farida Khanum version much better. In fact, I love it. Have heard it at least a 100 times!

Jis simt bhi dekhoon, nazar aata hai ke tum ho,

Ai jaan-e-jahaan yeh koi tum sa hai ke tum ho?

( in whichever direction I look, I see you

O life of the world, it is someone like you, or is it you?)


Yeh khwaab hai, khushboo hai ke jhonkha hai, ke pal hai

Yeh dhund hai, badal hai ke saaya hai ke tum ho?

( is this a dream, or fragrance, or a glimpse or a moment,

Or is it fog, or cloud, or a shadow or is it you?)


Dekhoon yeh ke kisi aaur ki aankhen hain ki meri,

Dekhoon yeh kisi aaur ka chehra hai ke tum ho.

( Let me check, it is someone else’s eyes or mine,

And is it someone else’s face or is it you?)


ik dard ka phaila hua sehara hai ke main hoon

ik mauj mein aaya hua dariya hai ke tum ho

( It is a huge desert of pain , or is it I?

  Is it a river in full flow or is it you?)


yeh umar-e-gurezaan kahin thehre to yeh janoon
har saans mein mujh ko yehi lagta hai ke tum ho

(if this fleeting life stops for a while I will find out,
for it seems to me that in every moment there is you)

har bazm mein mauzu-e-sukhan dil zadgan ka
ab kaun hai? Shirin hai ke Laila hai ke tum ho?

( in every gathering of heartbroken poets,
Who is the source of the poetry? Is it Shirin, or Laila or is it you?)

Ai jaan-e-Faraz  abke ajab haal hai jee ka,
Mujhko to har ik saans mein lagta hai ke tum ho.

( O life of Faraz my heart is in a strange situation,

In my every breath I feel your presence)



zindagi yuun thi ke jeene ka bahana tu tha

hum faqat zaeb-e-hikayat thay, fasana tu tha

( My life was such that you were the cause of it,

I was merely a character in the story, you were the story)


Humnein jis jis ko bhi chaaha tere hijraan mein who log,

Aate jaate hue mausam thay, zamaana tu ha

( who ever I loved in your absence, those people

Were mere passing seasons, you were the era)



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