The world is beautiful and it is MINE!

An all time favourite:

A beautiful Jigar Moradabadi Ghazal. It has been sung by Talat Mehmood:

and by Asha Bhosle:

It has been posted earlier in MHFL but at that time I did not have the youtube links.

kabhi shaakh-o-sabza-o-barg par, kabhi guncha-e-gul-o-khaar par,
main chaman mein chaahe jahan rahon, mera haq hai fasl-e-bahar par!

( sometimes I live on the green branches and leaves, and sometimes on flowers or thorns
  but wherever I may live in the garden, I have the right over the blossoming of the
  garden during spring)

mujhe dein na ghaiz mein dhamkiyaan, giren laakh baar yeh bijliyan,
meri saltanat yehi aashiyan, meri milkiyat yahi chaar par!

( Do not threaten me in anger, I have even seen lightening fall on it
  this house of love is my kingdom, and this is my greatest treasure)

jinhein kahiye ishq ki wusatein, jo hain khaas husn ki azmatein,
yeh usi ke qalb se poochiye, jise fakhar ho gham-e-yaar par!

( what is the range of love?, what is the magnificence of beauty?
  ask these questions to the heart that is proud of the pain of the beloved.
  That heart will have the proper answers to these questions)

mere ashq-e-khoon ki bahar hai ke muraqqa-e-gham-e-yaar hai,
meri shyari bhi nisar hai mere chashm-e-sehr-e-nigaar par!

( It is the spring of my tears of blood, in front of me is the collection of the pain
  due to my beloved
  My poetry is devoted to my eye that sees this magic of beauty in front of me)

ajab inquilab-e-zamana hai, mera mukhtasar sa fasaana hai,
yahi, ab jo baar hai dosh par, yehi sar tha zaanu-e-yaar par!

( It is a  strange revolution of the times, and it has made my story quite incredible,
  today it carries a burden of blames but there was a time when my head rested
  peacefully on the lap of my beloved)

yeh kamaal-e-ishq ki saazishein, yeh jamal-e-husn ki naazishein,
yeh inaayatein, yeh nawaazishein, meri aik musht-e-ghubaar par!

( The conspiracies of the wonder of love, the gift of the pride of the beauty-
  These magnificient and wonderful things have been bestowed on me- a handful of dust)

meri samt se use ai saba! yeh payaam-e-aakhir-e-gham suna,
abhi dekhna ho to dekh ja, ke khizaan hai apni bahar par!

( from my side, o breeze, please send her this last message of sadness:
  come to see this just once: my autumn will soon turn into spring)

yeh fareb-e-jalwa hai sar ba sar, mujhe dar yeh hai, dil-e-bekhabar,
kahin jam na jaaye teri nazar, inhein chand naqsh-e-nigaar par!

( The illusions of sight are all around us, and I fear, O innocent heart
  that your eyes may become fixed on these illusionary objects of supreme beauty)

hain raheen-e-dard sahi, magar, mujhe aur chaahiye kya, Jigar?
gham-e-yaar hai mera shayfta, main farayfta gham-e-yaar par

( I am obliged to the pain of love, and what else do I need , “Jigar”
  the pain of love is the prayer on my behalf, and I am fascinated by the pain of love)


jab koi haseen hota hai sargarma-e-nawazish,
us waqt woh kuch aaur bhi aate hain siva yaad

( when some beauty speaks to me with affection
  At that time I think of my lost love even more)

muddat hui hai ik haadsa-e-ishq ko lekin,
ab tak hai tere dil ke dharakne ki sada yaad   

( The tragedy of our love happened a long long time back,
  But even now I remember clearly the sound of your heartbeat)




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