There are more beyond this. Much more.

A beautiful Shakeel Badayuni Ghazal. It has been sung by Munni Begum.

It is available on youtube.


Fitrat ke haseen nazaaron se purkaif khazaane aaur bhi hain,

Mainkhaana agar veeran hai to kya, rindon ke thikaane aaur bhi hain

( Beyond the beauty of nature’s creations there are even more treasures that intoxicate the mind,

  It may be that the tavern is desolate, there are even more places where the lovers of wine can go)


Aagaz-e-jafa ki talkhi se ghabra na dil-e-aazar-talab

Yeh waqt yaheen pe khatam nahin, kuch talkh zamaane aaur bhi hain.

( Do not be deterred that you have seen a few glimpses of the bitterness of the world’s oppression and insincerity, My heart

   The ways of the world will not change and you will see even more bitter times)


Jeena hai tujhe peene ke liye, ai dost kisi unwaan se pi,

Jeene ka bahaana aik sahi, peene ke bahaane aaur bhi hain.

( If you have to drink then, my friend, give each glass of wine a title,

   You may have just one reason to live but the reasons for drinking wine can be many)


Yeh jalwa-gah-e-fitrat hi nahin, arbab-e-jahaan  ka aks haseen,

Yeh jalwa-gah-e-fitrat ke siwa kuch aaina khaane aaur bhi hain

( Not only are these pieces of display created by nature beautiful, the whole world is full of beauty,

   Even beyond these beautiful display pieces  there are more houses of mirrors that reflect beauty)


Lamhaat-e-haseen-e-pursish-e-gham mehdood nahin ta shukar-e-karam,

Be-lafaz sahi, be-naam sahi, honton ke fasaane aaur bhi hain.

( The moments of expression of my sad heart are not just limited to a few “thank you”s for her generosity

   Without words, without names, there are many many more stories that wait on my lips)


Gunche ke chatakne par hi na ho masroof-e-tawajooh ahal-e-chaman,

Kuch neem-shagufta honton par khamosh taraane aaur bhi hain.

( O caretaker of the garden, Do not just care for those few buds that have fallen down

   On some other partly closed lips there are a few more silent songs that you should hear)


Har teer-e-nazar ki jumbish mein paata hoon “Shakeel” andaaz-e-junoon,

Madoom hai ab tak jinka nishaan kuch aise nishaane aaur bhi hain

( In the motion of the arrows of eyes, I can judge the intensity of passion “Shakeel”

  There are a few places where the arrow has hit but you will not even see a scar)




===== =============== ======================== =======================

mujh se mat pooch “mere husn mein kya rakkha hai?”

aankh se pardah-e-zulmat utha rakkha hai

meri duniya ki mere gham se jahannum-bardosh

toone duniya ko bhi firdaus banaa rakha hai


( Dont you ask me “what do you see in my beauty?”

  Your beauty has lifted the curtain of darkness from my eyes.

  My world was a burden of hell created by my woes.

  But your beauty created a heaven in this very world! )

===== =============== ======================== =======================


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