Search and you will find ( for it is here)

A faiz ahmed faiz quatrain(Qita):


Saba ke haath mein narmi hai unke haathon ki,

Tehar-teharke yeh hota hai aaj dil ko gumaan,

Who haath dhoond rahe hain bisat-e-mehfil mein,

Who dil ke daagh kahan hain, nishast-e-dard kahan.


( this breeze carries the softness of her hands,

And as the breeze blows, my heart has a strange feeling,

Maybe those hands are using the breeze to search the ones who loved her,

To find which hearts are still wounded, to find where pain is still felt)





=== ======== ============= =============== =========

na pooch jab se tera intezaar kitna hai,

ke jin dinon se mujhe tera intezaar nahin.

tera hi aks hai un ajnabi baharon mein,

jo tere lab, tere bazoo, tera kinar nahin.


( I have waited for you so much,

  since the day I have stopped waiting for you.

  I find your image in these strange beautiful seasons…

  these seasons that are not your lips, your arms or your embrace)

======= =========== ============= =========== ====


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