Either embrace me or release me

This is a beautiful Iqbal poem. It has been sung so beautifully by Fariha Parvez:


Gaisu-e-taabdaar ko aaur bhi taabdaar kar,

Hosh-o-khird shikar kar, qalb-o-nazar shikar kar

(Make your luminous locks gleam even more

Rob me of my wit and senses, prey upon my heart and sight)


Tu hai maheet-e-be-karaan, main hoon zara si aabju

Ya mujhe hum-kinaar kar, ya mujhe be-kinaar kar

( You are an infinite ocean, I am a just tiny stream

Either embrace me within yourself, or release me from  your embrace and grant me boundlessness)


Ishq bhi ho hijaab mein, husn bhi ho hijaab mein,

Ya tu khud aashkaar ho, ya mujhe aashkaar kar

( My love is hidden behind a curtain and your beauty is hidden behind a curtain,

   Either you appear before me, or make my love appear before you)


Main hoon sadaf to tere haath mere gohar ki aabroo

Main hoon khazaf to tu mujhe gohar-e-shahwaar kar

( If I be a shell then the luster of my pearl is in your hands

  And if I am a tiny stone, you can turn me into a precious jewel)


Nagma-e-naubahaar agar mere naseeb mein na ho,

Is dam-e-neem-soz ko tareek-e-bahaar kar

( If listening to the songs of spring is not in my fate,

 Then let this half dead bird pass away in spring)


Baagh-e-bahshist se mujhe hukum-e-safar diya tha kyon?

Kaar-e-jahaan daraaz hai, ab mera intezaar kar!

( [This sher is directed to God] It was you who ordered me out of paradise,

  My work in this world is still incomplete. Now you have to wait for me!)


Mujhko to is jahaan mein sirf tujh-hi se ishq hai

Ya mera imtehaan le, ya mera aitbaar kar

( In this world my love is for you only,

  Either put me to the test, or trust this statement)


Roz-e-hisaab jab mera pesh ho daftar-e-amal,

Aap bhi sharmsaar ho, mujh ko bhi sharmsaar kar

( On the day of the judgement, when my deeds are counted,

I will stand there very embarrassed, and you too, my dear, will stand there very embarrassed)



=== = =========== ==================== ============

Kabhi ai haqeekat-e-muntazir nazar aa libaas-e-majaaz mein,

Ke hazaaron sajde tadap rahe hain meri jabeen-e-niyaaz mein

 ( Someday, O long awaited reality, come before me in your physical form,

  A thousand homages are waiting to burst forth from my humble forehead)

=== = =========== ==================== ============



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