Love is a funny business

A Sudarshan Fakir ghazal. It has been sung by Begum Akhtar:


Ahal-e-ulfat ke hawaalon pe hansi aati hai

laila majnun ke misalon pe hansi aati hai

( When the supporters of love talk highly of love, I feel like laughing

  When they give examples of people like “laila majnoon”, I feel like laughing)


Jab bhi taqmil-e-mohabbat ka khayaal aata hai

mujhko apne khyalon pe hansi aati hai

( whenever my thoughts go back to the time when my love ended,

  I feel like laughing at the thoughts that I had at that time)


Log apne liye auron mein wafaa dhoondhte hain

un wafa-dhoondhnewalon pe hansi aati hai

( People try to find sincerity in others for their own happiness,

  And I feel like laughing at these sincerity-seekers)


Dekhne walon tabassum ko karam mat samjho !

unhein to dekhnewalon pe hansi aati hai!

( O watchers of beautiful faces, don’t think that the smile on her face is out of any warmth for you,

  Actually people like her laugh in their minds at the people who look at them with admiration)


Chandani raat mohabbat mein haseen thi ‘fakir’

ab to bimaar ujaalon pe hansi aati hai

( The moonlit nights were at one time beautiful for me “Fakir”. Those were the days of love.

   Now I just feel like laughing at these sick sources of light)




=== ======== ======== ========== ===========

Rulati hai mujhe raaton ko khamoshi sitaron ki,

Nirala ishq hai mera, nirale mere naale hain

( The silence of stars at night sometimes brings tears to my eyes,

  So unique is my love, so unique are my cries of pain)

=== ======== ======== ========== ===========


=== ======== ======== ========== ===========

Raah-e-talab mein kaun kisika? apne bhi begaane hain,

Chand se mukhre, rashq-e-ghizalan, sab jaane pehchaane hain

( In this path of desire/love ,no one will walk with you, not even those you consider your own

  Moon like faces? Doe like eyes? Ha! I have seen and tested them all!)

=== ======== ======== ========== ===========


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