Such Simple Desires

Today we have a very famous ghazal by Iqbal. It has been sung by several singers:

Rahat fateh Ali Khan has sung it in a qawalli form. Very beautifully done. I love it. I hope Rahat does more of this stuff instead of singing film songs. As a huge fan of his uncle( Nusrat) I am looking for stuff like this from him instead of “pappu” filmi stuff.  Here is the qawalli. Do listen to it- amazing stuff:

Sung beautifully( as always) by Malika Pukhraj:

If Malika Pukhraj has sung it, then her daughter( Tahira Sayeed) would also have sung it:


Tere Ishq ke intehaah chaahata hoon,

Meri saadgi dekh, kya chaahata hoon.

( I want the utmost limit/extreme amount of your love

  Such a simple man I am, and such simple are my desires)


Yeh jannat mubarak rahe zahidon ko,

Ke main aapka saamna chaahata hoon.

( Let the preachers of religion achieve Paradise,

  I only want to stand before you and look at you)


Koi dam ka mehmaan hoon ai-ahal-e-mehfil,

Chirag-e-sehar hoon, bujha chaahata hoon

( I am just a guest of a few moments, O people present at the gathering,

  Like the lamp of the morning, I want to extinguish soon)


Sitam ho ke ho vada-e-behijaabi,

Koi baat sabr aazmaan chaahata hoon.

( You may be cruel to me, or you may promise to unveil your face before me,

   Whatever the situation, I want to test the limit of my self-control)


Bhari bazm mein raaz ki baat kehdi,

Bada be-adab hoon, saza chaahata hoon.

( In front of everyone I have said what was supposed to be hidden,

  I agree that I am ill-mannered,  so I want to be punished- by you)



== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==

Saadgi to hamaari zara dekhiye, aitbaar aapke vaade par kar liya,

Baat to sirf ik raat ki thi magar, intezaar aapka umar bhar kar liya

( Such a simple man I am, I believed in your promises,

  I know that you promised only one night, but I have waited for you for a lifetime)

== == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==



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