And I kept looking



Today we have a beautiful Jigar Moradabadi ghazal. I am sure there are more shers in in this ghazal but I could not find them.

The ghazal has been sung beautifully by Abida Parveen:


jalwa baqadr-e-zarf-e-nazar dekhte rahe

kya dekhte hum unko magar dekhte rahe

( With respect and admiration for her beauty, I kept looking at her

  There was nothing else so beautiful so I kept looking at her)


apna hi aks pesh-e-nazar dekhte rahe

aaina ru-ba-ru tha jidhar dekhte rahe

( It was my own reflection that I keep looking at,

  Whereever I looked, I could see only a mirror)


unki hareem-e-naaz kahaan aur hum kahaan

naksh-o-nigar-e-parda-e-dar dekhte rahe

( The sacred boundary walls of her grace was so much greater than me and I could not cross them

   So I kept looking at the design and beauty of the curtain on the door )


aisi bhi kuch firaq ki raatein guzar gayeen

jaise unheen ko pesh-e-nazar dekhte rahe

( There were some nights of separation in which

  I felt that she was standing in front of me and I was looking at her)


har lehza shaan-e-husn badalti rahi “Jigar”

har aan hum jahan-e-digar dekhte rahe

( with every  passing moment the glory of her beauty changed “Jigar”

  And at every step, I stood looking at her transforming world of beauty)




== ========= =========== ============== =============

Tumko dekhe hue guzre hain zamaane aao,

Umar-e-rafta ka koi khwaab dhikaane aao,

Main sarabon mein bhatakta rahoon sehra sehra,

Tum meri pyaas ko aaina dikhaane aao.

( It has been a long time since I saw you, come now

   Please come to show me a dream of my earlier days, come

   Let me wander among strange illusions in desolate deserts

   And then you can come to show a mirror to my thirst)


== ========= =========== ============== =============




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