Kuch economical baatein

An Ogden Nash poem:


Hard Lines


Come live with me and be my love

And we will all the pleasures prove

Of a marriage conducted with economy

In the Twentieth Century Anno Donomy.


We’ll live in a dear little walk-up flat

With practically room to swing a cat

And a potted cactus to give it hauteur

And a bathtub equipped with dark brown water.


We’ll eat, without undue discouragement,

Foods low in cost but high in nouragement

And quaff with pleasure, while chatting wittily,

The peculiar wine of Little Italy.


We’ll remind each other it’s smart to be thrifty

And buy our clothes for something-fifty.

We’ll bus for miles on holidays

For seas at depressing matinees,


And every Sunday we’ll have a lark

And take a walk in Central Park.

And one of these days not too remote

You’ll probably up and cut my throat.”



=== ==== ===== ===== ========== =============

Duniya mein hoon, duniya ka talabgaar nahin hoon,

Bazaar se guzra hoon, kharidaar nahin hoon

( I live in the world but I do not love/desire it

  I am walking through the market/mall but I will not buy anything J )

=== ==== ===== ===== ========== ============= 


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