A monument here and a gem there. What a story!

A sher from a beautiful ghazal. The ghazal will be posted in MHFL next week.

I am posting the sher because sometime to really appreciate a gem you need to take it out of the ornament and hold it against the light and watch it sparkle- without the rest of the gems distracting your view.


tere ishq ki karamat yeh agar nahin to kya hai?

kabhi be-adab na guzra mere paas se zamaana!

( If this is not the miracle of your love then what is it?-

   That since you came to my life, the world has never crossed my path without bowing to me with respect)





= = = = = = = = ======== ===================

Jo ruke to koh-e-garan thay hum, jo chale to jaan se guzar gaye,

Rah-e-yaar hum nein kadam kadam tujhe yaadgar bana diya


( When I stopped I stood like a  mountain, when I walked I crossed the boundary of life

But at every step of love’s path, I built a monument to my memory of you)

= = = = = = = = ======== ===================


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