End of the world reflections

Some people have predicted that the world will be destroyed on 21 Dec 2012. Should you believe in this? Of course not!
But is this a good time for some qayamat and hashr( doomsday, day of judgement) poetry? Of course!
So here are a few couplets/poems to entertain you and prepare you for the end of the world 

ai waiz-e-nadaan karta hai tu aik qayamat ka charcha?!
yahaan roz nigahein miltein hain, yahaan roz qayamat hoti hai

( O ignorant preacher, you talk about one doomsday,
Everyday my eyes meet hers, thus everyday for me is doomsday)

fardaodi ka tafariqa yak bar mit gayaa
kal tum gaye ke hum pe qayamat guzar gayi

( In one moment the difference between past and future has vanished,
When you went away yesterday, doomsday descended upon me)

kab tak teri raah dekhein ai kaamat-e-jananah?
kab hashar moiyaan hai, tujh ko to khabar hogi!

( how long do I have to wait for you O supreme beauty,
When will doomsday arrive- you are the only person who can predict this
[ In this sher the poet compares meeting his beloved with doomsday- the grand finale of all life.
But he does not know when it will arrive. But of course, the beloved knows because the beloved is the
one to make the decision of when to meet the poet and thus cause doomsday])

hashr mein kaun gawahi meri dega ‘Sagar’
sab tumhare hi tarafdar nazar ate hain

( on the day of judgment, who will be a witness to my story?
I have a feeling that everyone in the world will take your side on doomsday)

mazaa aa jayega mahshar mein kuch sunne sunaane ka,
zubaan hogi wahan meri, kahaani aapki hogi!

( On the day of Judgement the greatest moment will be when,
I recite the story of my life but it would be a story about you!)

Roz-e-hisaab jab mera pesh ho daftar-e-amal,
Aap bhi sharmsaar ho, mujh ko bhi sharmsaar kar

( On the day of the judgement, when my deeds are counted,
I will stand there very embarrassed, but you too, my dear, will stand there very embarrassed)

milega jo mauka to rok loonga jalal roz-e-hisaab tera
parhoonga rehmat ka woh qasida, ke hans parega itaab tera

( If given a chance I will be able to stop your anger on doomsday.
My strategy is simple- I will recite a few poems in your praise
and your anger will turn to laughter)

And finally we should let the English poets also express their feelings about the end of the world. Here is “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost:

Some say the world will end in fire,
Some say in ice.
From what I’ve tasted of desire
I hold with those who favor fire.
But if it had to perish twice,
I think I know enough of hate
To say that for destruction ice
Is also great
And would suffice.


=== ====== ======== ===========
jarhein paharon ki toot jaatein, falak to kya arsh kaamp uthta
agar main dil pe na rok leta, tamam zor-e-shabab tera

( Mountains would have been uprooted, the earth and skies would have shook,
if my heart had not borne the full force of your beauty. Thus I used my
heart to save the world from the glance of your beauty)
=== ====== ======== ===========