synchronization in love is a major issue

Today we have a beautiful Jigar Moradabadi ghazal.

I had posted this ghazal over 10 years ago in MHFL. I am posting it again because I have found a few new shers of this ghazal and I wanted to share some youtube links with you.

It has been sung by Abida Parveen:

Sudha Malhotra:

Ameer Rafiq Murkeyan Wale in a Qawwalli form:

Kuch is ada se aaj woh pehloo-nasheen rahe
jab tak hamare paas rahe, hum nahin rahe

( Today the effect of her being with me was such
that while she was there, I ceased to exist)

ya rab kisi ke raaz-e-mohabbat ki khair ho
dast-e-janoon rahe na rahe aasteen rahe

( God! Please protect the secrets of lovers
in this way: even if the hand of passion
is not there, the sleeve that covers the
hand should always be there)

ja aaur koi zabt ki duniya talaash kar
Ai Ishq! Hum to ab tere kabil nahin rahe

( Go and find some other world of patience!
Love, I am no longer capable/worthy of you)

dard-e-ghane-firaq ke yeh sakht marhale
hairaan hoon ke phir bhi tum itne haseen rahe!

( The pain of staying away from me would
have given you a lot of misery and trouble.
However I am surprised that you remain as beautiful as before)

is ishq ki talaafi-e-mafaat dekhna
rone ki hasratein hain jab aansoo nahin rahe

( Look at the problem of synchronization in love:
I have a desire to cry when all my tears have finished)

imaan-e-kufr aur na duniya va deen rahe
ai ishq! shadbash, ki tanha hamein rahe

( Now, no religion remains, there is no feeling of good and bad,
Love, be happy, because of you, only I and you remain)

mujhko nahin kubul do aalam ki vusatein
qismat mein ku-e-yaar ki do gaz zameen rahe

( I have no desire for the vastness of heaven and earth,
all I want is a few yards of land in the street of my beloved( to be buried))

Allah re, chashm-e-yaar ki woh maujiz-bayanian
har ik ko hai gumaan ke mukhatib hamein rahe

( The magic with which she speaks causes,
everyone to think that he is the only one being addressed)


== === ========= ========== ========= =======

aankhon mein bas ke, dil mein sama kar chale gaye,
khwabeeda zindagi thi, jaga kar chale gaye

( she became a part of my heart and my sight, and then she left,
my life was just a dream, but she woke me up and then she left)

apne farogh-e-husn ki dikha ke vusatein
mere hadood-e-shauq barha kar chale gaye

( By displaying the vastness of her luminous beauty,
she expanded the limits/boundries of my desires, and then she left.)

== === ========= ========== ========= =======