Some accidents are difficult to forget

Today we have a Jigar Moradabadi ghazal. It has been posted earlier in MHFL( several years back). But I recently found an extremely rare video of Jigar Moradabadi reciting this ghazal on Youtube. So I am posting it again.

Jigar reciting it:

This ghazal sung by Begum Akhtar:

duniya ke sitam yaad na apni hi wafaa yaad
ab mujh ko nahin kuch bhi mohabbat ke siwa yaad

( I do not remember the world’s cruelty, and I do not remember my faithfulness
Today I do not remember anything except those days of love)

cherra tha jise pehle pehal teri nazar nein
ab tak hai woh ik nagma-e-be-saaz-o-sada yaad

( the song that you awakened in my soul by looking at me once,
That wordless, soundless song still reverbates in my soul)

main shikwa-ba-lab tha mujhe yeh bhi na raha yaad
shaayad ke mere bhoolnewale ne kiya yaad

( I was full of complaints that I did not even remember
that she who had forgotten me may have remembered me for a moment)

jab koi haseen hota hai sargarm-e-nawazish
us waqt woh kuch aaur bhi aate hain siwa yaad

( When some beauty bestows her kind loving grace on me,
At that moment I miss her even more and remember those days of love)

kya jaaniye kya ho gaya arbab-e-junoon ko,
marne ki ada yaad na jeene ki ada yaad

( I do not know what has happened to the people who were supposed to be mad in love,
They do not seem to remember how to die properly and they have forgotten how to live)

muddat hui ik haadsa-e-ishq ko lekin
ab tak hai tere dil ke dharaknein ki sada yaad

( That accident of love occurred a long long time back,
but I still clearly remember the sound of your heartbeat)

haan haan tujhe kya kaam mere shiddat-e-gham se
haan haan nahin mujh ko tere daaman ki hawa yaad

( Oh yes. I agree, you have nothing to do with my unending/immense sadness
and oh yes, I do not rememer the breeze from the movement of your clothes)

main tark-e-rah-o-rasm-e-junoon kar hi chuka tha
kyoon aa gayi aise mein teri lagzish-e-pa yaad

( I had decided to end all contact with you and finish my love for you
but then suddenly your beautiful walk flashed before my eyes)

kya lutf ki main apna pata aap bataoon
keeje koi bhooli hui khaas apni ada yaad

( what is the fun if I remind you about myself,
why dont you try to recapitulate something special about me)


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Jigar who bhi za sar ta paa mohabbat hi mohabbat hain,
Magar unki mohabbat saaf pehchaani nahin jaati

( Jigar, she is full of love – from head to toe. She breathes love. Love is her.
Her actions do not seem like love but that is because her love is difficult to understand. It is different. Alag hai :-))
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