Make your own identity powerful and then fate will bow before you

Today we have a poem by Iqbal. One of the most famous shers in urdu “khudi ko kar buland itna…..” is from this poem.

It has been sung by Eijaz Husain Hazarvi:

khird-mandon se kya poochon ke meri ibteda kya hai
ke main is fikr mein rehta hoon, meri inteha kya hai

( Why should I ask the wise people, “where have I come from?”
I am not concerned about that. My concern is only for my goals, my destiny, my end)

khudi ko kar buland itna ke har taqdeer se pehle
khuda bande se khud pooche, bata teri raza kya hai

( Make your identity so powerful that before assigning your fate,
God should consult you and ask “Tell me your will”!)

maqam-e-guftugu kya hai agar main keemiya gar hoon
yehi soz-e-nafas hai, aur meri keemiya kya hai!

( Why is it so surprising that people consider me an alchemist
I will tell you the secret of my alchemy: the fire of my breath)

nazar ayen mujhe taqdeer ki gehraiyan us mein
na pooch ai hum-nasheen mujh se woh chashm-e-surma sa kya hai

( My fate can be seen in the depths of those eyes,
My friend, I have no words to describe the power of those luminous eyes)

nawa-e-subahgahi nein jigar khoon kar diya mera
khudaya jis khata ki yeh saza hai, woh khata kya hai?

( When I hear the morning call for prayer, my heart fills with pain,
God, please tell me the crime for which I atone like this)

gar hota woh majzoob-e-farangi is zamaane mein
to Iqbal us ko samjhata maqam-e-kibriya kya hai

( If the great philosophers of the west were to come back,
Iqbal would guide them as to the real status of greatness of the soul. [ According to some sources , Iqbal is referring to the German philosopher, Nietzsche who came up with the idea of “superman”. Iqbal says that he disagrees with him and he can tell him the real meaning of greatness of the self] )

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banaya ishq ne daryaa-e-na- paida-karaan mujh ko
yeh meri khud-nigeh-daari mera sahil na ban jaye

( Love has made me a infinite boundless ocean,
But I worry that my self-control may put a shore around me.
This is a beautiful sher. The poet is saying that love makes you infinite but then you create boundaries for yourself by exercising self-control in love.)

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tu nein socha hai kabhi, ai deeda-e-ibrat, ke gul,
ho ke paida khaak se rangeen qaba kyonkar hua?

( Have you even given this a thought, o discerning eye,
that how a flower that grows from dust aquires such bright and beautiful colours? ( nahin socha? To ab socho!)

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