Dipped in cosmic tears

Some shers fom different poems about what poets feel about their own poetry.

Woh aalam hota hai mujh par jab fiqr-e-ghazal main karta hoon,
Khud apne khayalon ko humdum main haath lagane se darta hoon

( When I write or recite poetry my mind goes into such a state,
That I fear, my dear, even to touch the strings of my own thought)

Naqsh-o-nigar-e-ghazal mein jo tum yeh shaadabi paao ho,
Hum ashkon mein kainaat ke nok-e-qalam dabo lein hain

( If in the words and pearls of my poems you find brilliant and everlasting colours,
It is because before writing every word I dip my pen in cosmic tears)

shayar-e-fitrat hoon main , aaur jab fikr farmaata hoon main
rooh bankar har zarray-zarray mein samaa jaata hoon main

( I am a natural poet, and when I express my nature through poetry
I become the soul of every atom, every particle in the universe)

Jab zoaf barha to khush-bayani aayi,
Tab bahr-e-tabiyat mein rawani aayi,
Jitni barhti gayi peeri Ghalib,
Utni mere sheron pe jawani aayi.

( As my body becomes older, I notice that my speech and writing are becoming more cheerful,
And the sea of my nature is now flowing so freely,
And as I become detached, and gain in spirituality O Ghalib,
My poems are becoming equally younger and more sensuous)

woh nawaa-e-muzmahil kya na ho jis mein dil ki dharkan?
woh sadaa-e-ahal-e-dil kya jo awaam tak na pahunche!?

( What is the use of singing a song that does not contain your heartbeat?
what is the point of a voice from your heart if it does not reach the whole human population!?)


======= ======== ============= ===================
Hum parvarish-e-lauh-o-qalam karte rahenge
jo dil pe guzarti hai raqam karte rahenge!

( I will nurture the pen and paper forever
whatever my heart feels, it will be expressed!)

ik tarz-e-tagaful hai, so woh unko mubarak
ik arz-e-tamanna hai, woh hum karte rahenge!

( There is a habit of indifference, and she is welcome to it
And there is an declaration of desire, I will keep expressing
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