All that intellect can give you is facts.

Today we have a beautiful Iqbal ghazal. It has been sung beautifully by Shafqat Amanat Ali Khan and Hina Nasrullah:

khirad ke paas khabar ke siwa kuch aaur nahin
tera ilaaj nazar ke siwa kuch aaur nahin

( Wisdom/intellect can give you nothing except news and facts,
Your real solace and cure can only be by looking at her once)

har ik muqam se aagey muqam hai tera
hayat zauq-e-safar ke siwa kuch aaur nahin

( beyond every goal lies your real goal,
what else is life except the pleasure of endless journey )

giraan baha hai to hifz-e-khudi se hai warna
gohar mein aab-e-gohar ke siwa kuch aaur nahin

( A pearl becomes priceless only if it guards its identity,
For there is nothing in the pearl except its inner luster)

ragon mein gardish-e-khoon hai agar to kya hasil?
hayat soz-e-jigar ke siwa kuch aaur nahin

( Blood races in my veins. So what? It imparts no greatness to life
It is only the fire/passion of one’s heart that can give meaning to life)

uroos-e-lala! munasib nahin hai mujh se hijab
ke main naseem-e-sehar ke siwa kuch aaur nahin

(O flower faced beauty, why do you hide your beauty from me,
I am the morning breeze. I will only gently caress your face. )

jise kisaad samjhte hain tajiran-e-farang
woh shay mata-e-hunar ke siwa kuch aaur nahin

( The foreign traders consider these goods useless and cheap,
But these goods are the real works of art and skill that they fail to understand)

bara kareem hai Iqbal be-nawa lekin
atta-e-shola sharar ke siwa kuch aaur nahin

( Iqbal is indeed poor but still gracious and kind,
But what else can fire bestow except glow and sparks)


= ===== ========== ================== ===============
Tere seene mein dam hai, dil nahin hai,
Tera dam garmi-e-mehfil nahin hai.

( In your chest, there is breath but do you have a heart?
Mere breath in the chest cannot become the fire of life)

Guzar ja aqal se aage ke yeh noor,
Chirag-e-raah hai, manzil nahin hai!

( go beyond the path of reason because reason can only be the light
That guides your path, IT CANNOT BE THE GOAL OF LIFE!)
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