Come without any answers. I will not ask questions.

A very nice ghazal sung by Tina Sani. Poet is Parveen Shakir

Qariya-e-jaan mein koi phool khilane aayein
Woh mere dil mein naya zakhm lagaane aayein

( I wish she comes again to plant a new flower in the soil of my heart:
I wish she comes again to give me a new scar in my heart ( the poet refers to these scars as flowers) )

Mere veerane darichoon mein bhi khushboo jage
Woh mere ghar ke dar-o-baam sajaane aayein

( I wish that scented breeze once again blows from these dull, forgotten windows
I wish she comes back to decorate the doors and balconies of my house)

Usse ik baar to roothon main usi ki manind,
Aaur meri tarah se woh mujhko manaane aayein

( I wish that once, just once, I get upset/sulk just like she always does,
And I wish that just once she comes to mollify my anger, just like I always do.)

Isi kooche mein kai uske shanasa bhi to hain,
Woh kisi aaur ko milnein ke bahaane aayein

( She has many friends/acquaintances in this lane,
Why doesn’t she sometime come to meet them?)

Ab na poohonga main khoye hue khwabon ka pata,
Woh agar aayein to kuch bhi na bataane aayein.

( I promise, I will not ask about all those lost and destroyed dreams,
If she comes this time, she can come freely without the burden of any answers)

zabt ki shehar-panahon ki mere malik khair
gham ke sailaab agar mujh ko bahaane aayen

( I hope the walls and fortifications of restraint are able to stay intact,
When the floods of sorrow/heartache come to drown me.)


== ==== ===== ======= ======= ======= =====
main saraabon mein bhatakta rahoon sehra-sehra
tum meri pyaas ko aayina dikhaane aao

( I should wander about deserts with illusions all around me
And you should come to show a mirror to my thirst)
== ==== ===== ======= ======= ======= =====

==== === ====== ====== ========= =========
Yeh husn-o-ishq ke pehloo samajh mein aa na sake
Koi to dil se bhula de, koi bhula na sake
==== === ====== ====== ========= =========