Can someone stop me from hoping? Not a chance.


Today we have a beautiful Faiz Ahmed Faiz ghazal. It has been sung beautifully by Abida Parveen:

nahin nigah mein manzil, to justajoo hi sahi
nahin wisaal mayassar to arzoo hi sahi

( The aim does seem distant, but I can still maintain the desire,
Meeting her may not be in my destiny but I can keep wishing to meet her)

na tan mein khoon faraham, na ashk ankhon mein
namaaz-e-shauq to wajib hai, be-wuzoo hi sahi

( Blood no longer flows in my body and my eyes have been drained of tears,
But I can still keep doing the prayers of love, though the prayers may not be as pure/proper.

[the word wuzoo refers to the cleansing of the body before prayers. So if prayers are done without wuzoo, they are considered improper.
The poet says that the wuzoo for the prayers of love have to be done using the blood in the body and tears in the eyes. The poet says that
blood and tears have been drained from his body but he still wants to pray to love. So he has to do it be-wazoo- ie without the correct and proper process.])

kisi tarah to jame bazm maikade walo
nahin jo baada-o-sagar to haa-o-hoo hi sahi

( The tavern must keep rejoicing and hosting people,
So what if there is no wine left, let the tavern be full of laughter and loud noises )

gar intezar kathin hai to jab talak ai dil
kisi ke wada-e-farda ki guftagoo hi sahi

( I agree that waiting is difficult, so I suggest that while we wait,
Lets recall and discuss the promises made by the beloved for the future)

dayaar-e-gair mein mahram agar nahin koi
to ‘Faiz’ zikr-e-watan apne rooh-ba-rooh hi sahi

( In this strange land I have no friends and confidants,
But “faiz”, I can keep discussing my beloved country and thinking about how wonderful things will be there)


============ ===================== =============== ======
yaar se ched chali jaaye “Asad”
gar nahin wasl to hasrat hi sahi

( I want to maintain some contact with my beloved
Meeting is not possible. So let there be desire instead)
======== ==================== ================== ========

=== === === === === === ======= ==== ==== === ===
tera jamal nigahon mein le ke utha hoon,
nikhar gayi hai fiza tere pairahan ki si.
naseem tere sabishta se ho ke aayi hai,
mere sehar mein mehak hai tere badan ki si.

( I woke up with the image of your beauty in my eyes,
The surroundings have become as beautiful as the clothes that you wear.
The breeze must have come from somewhere close to your bed chamber,
because I can feel the scent of your body in my morning)
=== === === === === === ======= ==== ==== === ===