various forms, some physical, others abstract

Today we have a Khumar Barabankvi ghazal. It has been sung by the great Talat Mehmood:

kahin sher-o-nagma ban ke, kahin aasoon mein dhal ke,
woh mujhe mile to lekin mile sooratein badal ke.

( Sometimes she became the shers of poems, sometimes she came to me in the forms of songs and sometimes she became my tears,
She met me again and again but in various different forms)

yeh wafa ki sakht raahein, yeh tumhare paa-e-nazuk,
na lo intekaam mujh se, mere saath saath chal ke.

( the path of love/sincerity is difficult and your feet are so delicate,
Don’t make me feel bad by walking with me on this path)

wohi aankh be-baha hai jo gham-e-jahan mein roye,
wohi jaam jaam-e-jam jo bagair-e-farq chalke.

( Only that eye is precious which cries on seeing the pain of others,
Only that cup can be called the “cup of jamshed” which gets filled for everyone with discrimination. [Cup of Jamshed was a mythological cup that was supposed to have magical powers. I had posted a sher by Ghalib on this cup a few months back in MHFL] )

yeh chirag-e-anjuman to hain bas aik shab ke mehmaan,
tu jala woh shamma ai dil jo bujhe kabhi na jal ke.

( the candles that light this gathering will last for only one evening,
Light a candle in your own heart – a candle that will never extinguish)

na to hosh se taaruf, na junoon se aashnai,
yeh kahan pahunch gaye hum teri bazm se nikal ke.

( I no longer recognize what it is to be in my senses, and I also do not know anything about madness,
I have reached this strange state after leaving your gathering( mehfil/bazm))

koi ai “Khumaar” unko mere sher nazr karde
jo mukhalifeen-e-mukhlis nahin motarif ghazal ke

(O “Khumar”, please ask someone to gift her a few of my shers,
She is so opposed to her true friend( the poet) that she will not acknowledge his ghazals)


=== === === === == === = = = ================= =======
mujhe de rahe hain tasalliyan woh har ik taaza payaam se
kabhi aa ke manzar-e-aam par, kabhi hat kar manzar-e-aam se

( She finds newer and newer ways of consoling me and making me feel good
sometimes she does it in a form that is visible to the world, and sometimes she does it in a form that is visible to me only.)
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