Light and darkness- an eternal relationship

Sher arz hai:

Kabhi roshni, kabhi teeragi: yehi roz-o-shab ka nizaam hai,
Yehi zindagi hai to zindagi tujhe door hi se salaam hai

( Sometimes there is light, and sometimes there is darkness: this is the cycle of day and night,
And if life is nothing except this dull and boring cycle, then O life I prefer to salute you from a distance)
Aik aur sher mulahiza farmaiye:

Na khizan mein hai koi teeragi, na bahaar mein koi roshni
Yeh nazar nazar ke chirag hain, kahin bujh gaye kahin jal gaye

( Autumn does not have darkness, and spring does not contain light,
These are effects created by the lamps of one’s own eyes: they glow on seeing certain things and for others they extinguish)


= = = = = = = = = = ===== = = = = ======= = ========== ==== ===
maine bakshi hai tareekion ko zia,
par khud ik tajalli ka mohtaaj hoon
roshni dene waale ko bhi kam se kam
ik diya chaahiye apne ghar ke liye

( I have given brilliant light to remove darkness in this world
but I am dependent on a flash of lightning for my own existence .
Even the giver of light needs at least one candle to
light up his own house)

= = = = = = = = = = ===== = = = = ======= = ========== ==== ===