The caravans have started moving

Today we have a ghazal sung by Shanti Heeranand. The name of the poet is Nadeem. I am not aware of the full name of the poet.

phir bula bheja hai phoolon nein gulistanon se,
tum bhi aa jao ke baatein karein paimanon se.

( Once again the flowers of the garden are inviting you:
come to the garden so that we can converse with the glasses of wine)

rut palat aayegi ik aap ke aa jaane se
kitnein afsaane hain, sun ne hain jo diwanon se.

( if you come the seasons will dramatically change,
And there are many stories that you have to hear from crazy people like me)

Tohfa-e-barg-e-gul-o-baad-e-baharan le ker,
qaafile ishq ke nikle hain biyabanon se.

( carrying gifts that consist of leaves, flowers and the wine of spring,
The caravans of love have once again started from the desolate wilderness)

badla badla sa nazar aata hai duniya ka chalan,
aapke milnein se, hum jaise pareshanon se.

( The ways of the world seem so different when,
People like you interact with disturbed souls like me)

Hum to khilte hue gunchon ka tabassum hain “Nadeem”,
Muskarate hue takrate hain toofanon se.

( I am the smile that comes from blossoming buds, O Nadeem
And I keep smiling even when storms collide with me)
== = = = = ======= = ================ ==== ===
ahad-e-wafa ka aap ke, lutf-o-karam ka aap ke
aur kisi ko ho na ho mujh ko to aitbaar hai

( That you will one day keep your promises, that one day you will bestow generosity upon me,
Other people may doubt that these events will occur, but I don’t – I have faith)
== = = = = ======= = ================ ==== ===
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = ===== ========= = = === ===
nahin nigah mein manzil, to justajoo hi sahi
nahin wisaal mayassar to arzoo hi sahi

( The aim does seem distant, but I can still maintain the desire,
Meeting her may not be in my destiny but I can keep wishing to meet her)
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = ===== ========= = = === ===