The paradise vs her street. Is there even a comparison?

Kuch sher arz hain:
aa kar kharab hain tere kooche mein, warna hum,
ab tak to jis zameen pe rahe aasman rahe.

[ After coming to your lane I have become a despised person,
But till now wherever I lived, I was admired and honoured and treated like the sky
( it is difficult to translate “ab tak to jis zameen pe rahe aasmaan rahe”. It basically refers to the stature of the sky with respect to earth. The poet is complaining that his earlier “skylike” status has been destroyed because he entered the lane of his beloved)]

yeh gardish-e-zamaana hamein kya mitayegi?
hum hain tawaf-e-koocha-e-jaana kiye hue.

( The revolutions(changes) of the world/fate cannot have any effect on me now,
This is because I am revolving around the lane of my beloved( so I am immune to fate))

koi deewana chaahe bhi to lagzish kar nahin sakata,
tere kooche mein paon larkhraana bhool jaate hain.

( No madman can stagger anymore there,
Because the feet forget to be unsteady in your lane)

gham-e-jahaan ke taqaaze shadeed hain warna,
junoon-e-koocha-e-dildar hum bhi rakhte hain.

( The problems of the world( practical aspects of life) are stopping me with great strength,
Otherwise my desire to see my beloved’s street is in no way less intense)

kam nahin jalwagari mein tere kooche se bahisht,
yahi naksha hai wale is qadar aabad nahin.

( In terms of its view the paradise is in no way less than your street,
Paradise also has a similar map/plan as your street but it does not have you. (The poet compares the beauty of paradise with the beauty of his beloved’s street. He says that both are equally beautiful. But he still prefers the street of his beloved because it has the most interesting inhabitant)
== = = = = = = = = = = ========== ============ =============
Isi kooche mein kai uske shanasa bhi to hain,
Woh kisi aaur ko milnein ke bahaane aayein.

( She has many friends/acquaintances in this lane,
Why doesn’t she sometime come to meet them? The poet wants his beloved to come and meet her other friends so that he can see her. He knows that she will never come to meet him. )
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