Take a break. See the world.

Go out. Travel. See the world. For our time here is limited. Sher arz hai:

Sair kar duniya ki gafil, zindagani phir kahaan,
Zindagi gar kuch rahi to naujawaani phir kahaan.

( Travel the world you idle fool. There is too much to see and life is short….
And even if you have a long life, you will never be young again!)

Don’t confine yourself. The whole world is yours. Yes, the whole world:

kabhi shaakh-o-sabza-o-barg par, kabhi guncha-e-gul-o-khaar par,
main chaman mein chaahe jahan rahon, mera haq hai fasl-e-bahar par!

( sometimes I live on the green branches and leaves, and sometimes on flowers or thorns
but wherever I may live in the garden, I have the right over the blossoming of the entire garden during spring.)

There is immense beauty all around you. See it all. Open your eyes and arms and embrace all the beauty that is in this world:

Na ho qanaat shiaar gulcheen, isi se kayaam hai shaan teri,
Wafoor-e-gul hai agar chaman mein, tu aaur daaman daraaz ho ja

( Don’t be content with just a few flowers O collector of beauty, your pride lies in this:
If the garden abounds with flowers, then open your arms even wider !)

So you have been to a few places? And you keep going to the same places again and again? There is more beauty in this world. Much more:

yeh fareb-e-jalwa hai sar-ba-sar, mujhe dar yeh hai, dil-e-bekhabar,
kahin jam na jaaye teri nazar, inhein chand naqsh-e-nigaar par!

( The magical and illusionary beautiful objects abound in front of my eyes, but I fear, my innocent heart
that your eyes may become fixed on just a few of these beautiful objects. ( that would be sad. Really sad))

Travelling is good. But shopping?! Sher arz hai:

Duniya mein hoon, duniya ka talabgaar nahin hoon,
Bazaar se guzra hoon, kharidaar nahin hoon

( I live in the world but I do not love/desire it
I am walking through the market but I will not buy anything )

There are many ways to reach the destination of your choice. I personally love air travel:

Uqaabi rooh jab bedaar hoti hai jawaanon mein,
Nazar aati hai unko apni manzil aasmanon mein.

( When the souls of young people acquire lofty desires,
They look at the skies and that is where they find their goals)

And when you leave that place and head back home, bless that place and wish that it continues to remain beautiful:

Sair ki, phool chune, khoob phire, shad rahe,
Baagbaan jate hain, gulshan tera aabad rahe.

( I have roamed here, I have picked flowers, seen beautiful places, enjoyed,
Now I am leaving, I wish you O gardener that your garden continues to blossom forever)

And when you come back home, a few weeks later you may wonder what you really got from the trip. This is what you got and this will be yours forever:

Kuch nahin to kam se kam khawab-e-sehar dekha to hai,
Jis taraf dekha na tha ab tak, udhar dekha to hai.

( If nothing else, at least I have seen the dream of a new morning, a new dawn
And my eyes have looked in directions where they never looked before. I looked at this world and this life from a different perspective.)

== == == == == === === = ============== ============= ============= ================
We’re all going on a summer holiday
No more working for a week or two
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday
No more worries for me or you
For a week or two

We’re going where the sun shines brightly
We’re going where the sea is blue
We’ve seen it in the movies
Now let’s see if it’s true
== == == == == === === = ============== ============= ============= ================