When you meet someone, sometimes it opens new windows of your mind

Kuch sher arz hain:

Baaz aukat kisi aaur ke milnein se “Adam”
Apni hasti se mulaquaat bhi ho jaati hai!

( Sometimes a very strange thing happens when you meet someone, O “Adam”,
You also become acquainted with previously unknown aspects of your own personality!)
ab kya bataoon main tere milnein se kya mila,
irfaan-e-gham hua mujhe, dil ka pata mila.

( How should I describe what I have got by being associated with you,
I have gained the wisdom of pain, I have understood my own heart)
meri zubaan pe shikawa-e-ahal-e-sitam nahin,
mujhko jaga diya yehi ehsaan kam nahin

( I have never complained about the pain afflicted on my heart by you,
You have woken me up, isn’t that the greatest gift/kindness someone can give to another?)

===== = = = = ========== ============ = = = = = =============
aankhon mein bas ke, dil mein sama kar chale gaye,
khwabeeda zindagi thi, jaga kar chale gaye

( she became a part of my heart and my sight, and then she left,
my life was just a dream, but she woke me up and then she left)
apne farogh-e-husn ki dikha ke vusatein
mere hadood-e-shauq barha kar chale gaye

( By displaying the vastness of her luminous beauty,
she expanded the limits/boundries of my desires, and then she left.)
===== = = = = ========== ============ = = = = = =============