The destiny of love

A beautiful Ghalib sher. This is a great example of the power of a poet’s imagination. A poet like Ghalib can form associations and draw comparisons between two very different things. Will post the complete ghazal soon.

Tujh se kismet mein meri surat-e-qufl-e-abjad,
Tha likha baat bante hi juda ho jaana.

( In this sher Ghalib compares his situation to a lock with numbers: He says that the fate of his love story is like a combination lock with numbers. As soon as the numbers line up properly, the lock opens. He says that a similar thing happened in the story of his love: as soon as fate brought the lovers together, they had to separate – and that is how it was destined to be, just like a lock is destined to open( its two parts separate) when the numbers line up]

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Aate hain ghaib se yeh mazaameen khayaal mein.
‘Ghalib’ sareer-e-khaama navaa-e-sarosh hai.

( Mysteriously topics/ideas like these suddenly appear in my mind,
“Ghalib”, when these thoughts are written, then the sound of pen on paper is the sound created by angels
(So Ghalib says that his poetry has a divine source))
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