From every location, the same name

Today we have a Shamim Jaipuri ghazal. It has been sung by Begum Akhtar:

And Talat Mehmood:

Kaabe se, butkade se, kabhi bazm-e-jaam se,
Awaaz de raha hoon tujhe har maquaam se.

(from the Kaaba, sometimes from the place of idols and sometimes from a gathering devoted to wine,
I am calling out your name from every possible place)

na-aashna hai aaj wohi mere naam se,
duniya pukarati thi jinhein mere naam se.

( today she is completely indifferent to my name,
She who once was known to the world by my name)

uff ye shab-e-firaq ke maron ki bekhudi,
khud hi bujha diya hai charagon ko sham se.

( the ones tormented by the pain of separation have a strange behaviour,
As soon as the evening sets in, they turn off the lamps)

aisi bhi kuch nazar se baharein guzar gayeen,
dil kampta hai aaj bahaaron se naam se

( My eyes have witnessed such unusual seasons of flowers( spring)
That today my heart trembles at the very mention of spring)

peene mein lutf hai ya maza tashnagi mein hai,
saqi yeh raaz pooch kisi tashnakaam se.

( Is there pleasure in drinking the wine or there more pleasure in the thirst?
To know the answer to this mystery, O Saki, you need to consult a person who has been thirsty forever)

saqi ke saath saath gaya lutf-e-mainkashi,
ab hum ko kya garz hai meena-o-jaam se.

( when the Saqi left, my love for wine left along with her,
I have no concern for the cup or wine now)

woh bhi to dost hi thay jo umar bhar mujhe,
dete rahe fareb mohabbat ke naam se.

( They too were friends who throughout my life,
Kept betraying my trust while pretending affection.)

dil mein fareb, lab pe tabassum, nazar mein pyar,
lute gaye ‘Shamim’ bade ehtimam se.

( in her heart there was deceit, on her lips there was a smile, in her eyes there was love,
“Shamim” was thus tricked with great planning and meticulous precision)

= = = = = = = =========== ======== = = = = = = = = = = = =======
Lehza-ba-lehza, dam-ba-dam, jalwa-ba-jalwa aaye ja,
Tishna-e-husn-e-zaat hoon, tishnalabi barhaye ja

( minute by minute, step by step, glimpse by glimpse come to me slowly,
I am thirsty for beauty, please keep increasing my thirst)
= = = = = = = =========== ======== = = = = = = = = = = = =======

= = = = = = = =========== ======== = = = = = = = = = = = =======

tashnagi jam gayi patthar ki tarah honton par
doob kar bhi tere dariya se main pyaasa nikla!

( My thirst has become permanently attached to my lips like a stone
I drowned in your ocean and still came out thirsty!)
= = = = = = = =========== ======== = = = = = = = = = = = =======