Show your pain so that she may laugh

Today we have a famous ghazal by Rana Akbarabadi. This was posted several years ago in MHFL. At that time I only knew of the Jagjit-Chitra rendition. Recently I found a much better rendition by Habib Wali Mohammad. I love this one:


Here is the “regular” Jagjit-Chitra version:

And here is a longer version sung by Jagjit Singh in a live recording. It has an extra sher:

Sunte hain ki mil jaati hai har cheez dua se,
ik roz tumhein maang ke dekhenge khuda se.

( I have heard that one can get anything through prayer,
So one day I will test this and ask God to grant you to me)

Tum samnein baithe ho to hai kaif ki barish,
woh din bhi thay jab aag barasti thi ghataa se.

( today you sit in front of me and I feel that the rain of intoxication and exhilaration pours upon me,
But I still remember those days when bolts of fire rained down from dark clouds)

Ae dil tu unhein dekh ke kuch aise tarapna,
Aa jaaye hansi unko jo baithe hain khafa se.

( O heart, when you see her, display your pain/yearning in such a way,
That she who seems so annoyed may burst into laughter)

Duniya bhi mili hai, gham¬-e-¬duniya bhi mila hai,
woh kyon nahin milta jise maanga tha khuda se?

(Today I have the world, I have also the sorrows of the world,
But why don’t I have that one person for whom I prayed so much?)

aaine main woh apni ada dekh rahe hain,
mar jaye ke jee jaye koi unki bala se.

( she keeps staring at her beauty in the mirror,
Little does she care who lives and who suffers in her love)

jab kuch na mila hath duaon ko uthakar,
phir hath uthane hi pade, humko dua se.

( when I received nothing even after praying so much,
I took away my hands from any kind of prayer)

neend aane lagi phir tere daman ki hawa se,
hum chaunknein wale hi thay bas khwaab-e-wafa se.

( Once again I felt relief in your presence and went into deeper sleep,
Just when I was about to wake up in a startle from the dream of love)

= = = = = = = = = = = ========================================

Rahat ki duaein kyon mangein? Taskeen ke samaan kaun kare?
Yeh dard kisi ka tohfa hai, is dard ka darmaan kaun kare?

( Why should I pray for respite? Why should I ask for contentment and peace?
This pain is a gift from someone, why would I want a cure for this pain?)
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