Poems are just an excuse to remember someone

Today we have a beautiful Ahmed Faraz Ghazal. It has been sung by Ghulam Ali:

karoon na yaad magar kis tarah bhulaon use?
ghazal bahana karoon aaur gungunaon use.

( I agree, that I should not think about her. But how can I forget?
Using the medium of ghazal( poetry), it is her name that I constantly recite)

woh khar khar hai shakh-e-gulab ki manind,
main zakhm-zakhm hoon phir bhi gale lagaon use.

( Like a stem of rose, her personality too is full of thorns,
And I bleed all over but I continue to embrace her)

yeh log taskire karte hain apne logon ke,
main kaise baat karon? Ab kahan se laon use?

( everyone here keeps talking about the people they love.
What should I talk about? How can I mention your name in my conversations?)

Magar woh zood-faramosh zood-ranj bhi hai,
ke rooth jai agar yaad kuch dilaon use.

( She is forgetful and she is also incredibly short-tempered,
She will undoubtedly get annoyed if I remind her of our past)

Wohi jo daulat-e-dil hai, wohi jo rahat-e-jaan,
tumhari baat pe ai naseho gavaon use?

( she who is the treasure of my heart, the greatest comfort of my life,
Should I just forget her because of the silly advice of my confidants)

jo humsafar sar-e-manzil bichar raha hai “Faraz”,
ajab nahin hai agar yaad bhi na aaon use.

( That companion who is leaving me so close to the final destination, O “Faraz”,
I would not be surprised if one day she does not even have the slightest memory of me)


============ ========= ====== =============== ========= =======
kise zindagi hai aziz ab, kise arzoo-e-shab-e-tarab,
magar ai nigar-e-wafa talab, tera aitbar koi to ho.

( I do not care for life now, who yearns now for a cheerful evening?
But O Beautiful one who made a promise of meeting a long time ago, I am waiting for our meeting just to see if you intend to keep that promise.)
============ ========= ====== =============== ========= =======

============ ========= ====== =============== ========= =======
Jis simt bhi dekhoon, nazar aata hai ke tum ho,
Ai jaan-e-jahaan yeh koi tum sa hai ke tum ho?

( in whichever direction I look, I see you
O life of the world, it is someone like you, or is it you?)

Yeh khwaab hai, khushboo hai ke jhonkha hai, ke pal hai
Yeh dhund hai, badal hai ke saaya hai ke tum ho?

( is this a dream, or fragrance, or a glimpse or a moment,
Or is it fog, or cloud, or a shadow or is it you?)
======= ========== ============== ================ ============