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Hope it stays forever

This is Anwar Mirzapuri ghazal.

This ghazal has been sung by Ghulam Ali and Mehdi Hassan:

main nazar se pi raha hoon, yeh sama badal na jaaye
na uthao tum nigahein, kahin raat dhal na jaaye

( I am getting intoxicated by looking at you, I hope this night stays for ever
Do not lift your eyes, it may cause the morning to come immediately)

abhi raat kuch hai baaki, na utha naqab saqi
tera rind girte girte kahin phir sambhal na jaaye

( There is still a bit of this night left, do not lift the veil from your face
Let intoxicated people like me fall, if they see your face, they will regain their

meri zindagi ke maalik, mere dil pe haath rakh de
tere aane ki khushi mein kahin dam nikal na jaaye

( Keep your hand on my heart, O controller of my life
I am afraid that the happiness of seeing you in my house may be too much for my heart)

mere ashq bhi hain ismein, jo sharab ubal rahi hai
mera jaam choone wale, tera haath jal na jaaye

( My tears are in that boiling glass of wine,
do not touch that glass, your hands may also burn )

main bana to loon nasheman, kisi shaakh-e-gulistan pe
kahin saath aashian ke yeh chaman bhi jal na jaaye

( I wanted to make my house on a branch of the garden
But, I was afraid that the next time my house gets hit by lightening, it may cause
the whole garden to burn)

mujhe phoonkne se pehle mera dil nikal lena
yeh kisi ki hai amanat mere saath jal na jaaye

( Before cremating me, take my heart out of my body
My heart belongs to someone else, I do not want it to burn with my body)

isi khauf se nasheman na bana saka main “Anwar”
ke nighaah-e-ahal-e-gulshan kahin phir badal na jaaye

( It is this fear that did not let me make my nest, “Anwar”:
that the viewpoint of the owners of the garden towards my nest may change at anytime)


ab mere paas tum aayi ho to kya aayi ho?
Maine maana ke tum paikar-e-ranai ho!
woh gudaz-e-dil-e-marhoom kahan se laoon?
ab main woh jazba-e-masoom kahan se laoon?

( Now you have come to come, but what is the point?
I agree that your face is my image of beauty!
But how will I bring back feelings in this dead heart?
And from where will I bring back innocence in my intentions?)